Monetize Blog Mippin feed validation KEY=6dd73b92

Monetize blog is making money from blogs with interesting ways for advertisers to advertise on your blog.We'll get the money if a lot of advertising on your blogs.My writing this time will give you the option to monetize blog via mobile phone:
*Mippin Mobilizer. 
Sign in Mippin
➢Mobilize:enter your feed url
Customize:customize the look of your blog
Publicize:publish the url that will be used to access your blog pages example: free mobile.
Monetize:you can monetize your blog page with a publisher on the site Admob.
For ads appear on the blog in the mobile display, you must create a post outlining the validation code such as: Mippin feed validation KEY=6dd73b92.It automatically be entered into your blog RSS feeds, and will appear on your mobile url in mippin, when the parties know and approve AdMob they will insert ads into your blog, and when a user clicks on the ads it, it will increase revenue into our account at Admob.
*Monetize Blog Technorati feed validation QPNV6ZGFZTS8

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