the reasons to prefer Android

By reading the previous articles you know about the android os now.And you should know that the android has many advantages compared to other smartphones like blackberry, iphone or windows mobile.Some of the reasons why mobile phone manufacturers, software developers and consumers prefer Android-based smartphones can be found below:
➢Android always updates
Like the operating system open source the other, Android is always up to date to make changes.Each is a bug newly discovered, the developer will provide a patch to fix it. And do not forget, every version was released to enhance the performance of the OS itself.In contrast to the OS made ​​by one particular company. consumers must wait for the latest release from the company to get the latest updates. And often, the company is late release a new version to fix bugs in previous versions.
Android's Free (Open Source)
Android is an open operating system that can be used with free.For a developer, you can mengcustomize own application that will be used. For manufacturers of mobile phones, Android is an interesting choice considering the price of free so it can cut production costs of the phones that they release.Since the number of manufacturers and software developers who develop apps on Android, consumers can also choose the applications according to individual needs. Are now looking for applications on Android market later installed on your phone. 
Android provides a variety of Applications
Android Market to provide thousands of applications ready for use, ranging from applications that support their daily work, a photo gallery application, social networking applications, games and more. Just need to choose which application you want to use and install on your phone.
Upper Class Manufacturer Support
To cut operating costs, mobile phone manufacturers will find the OS quality with minimum cost and at the same time Google came in and gave offerings Android with a price Free.Some upscale manufacturers who began to support Android phones such as Samsung, Motorola, HTC,Sony Ericsson and more.In addition, there are many more mobile phone manufacturers the world who want and will use Android as the OS of their smartphones production.So the android has a variety of models.  
From the description above it is clear that the android has many advantages over other smartphones but the main advantage of Android is free and open source, making Android smartphones sold cheaper than the Blackberry or the iPhone even though the features hardware has to offer Android better.
Some key features of Android include WiFi hotspot,Multi-touch,multitasking,GPS,accelerometers,java support,supports multiple networks (GSM/EDGE,iDEN,CDMA,EV-DO,UMTS,Bluetooth,Wi-Fi,LTE,and WiMAX) mobile phones and also basic skills in general.

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