Cause Battery Wasteful

Battery is a mobile resource that is very vital role to support the activities of mobile phones. Running out of battery power in times of need is very annoying, and even can be very detrimental.Luckily the battery technology is more advanced now than before.Batteries are widely used the latest technology made ​​of Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer, which is more durable and have the ability to store electrical power is greater.
Battery developments were accompanied by the development of more advanced phones are certainly a lot of battery power consuming, such as Camera, GPS, Music player, Video player, Games and so forth, ultimately making you more battery life is weak rapidly.Surprisingly, many people who suspect a problem because the cell phone batteries run out quickly. Though not necessarily so. Now before you conclude that, take a look at look at the applications and features you use every day. Here I try to give examples of some applications or features that consume a lot of battery power:
1. Browsing & Voice Communication.
Browsing and voice communication are equally great power required for it, in the specification of cell phone talk time included information.This information so that you can prepare at any time require that the communication is urgent.
2. Radio & Music Player / Video
Radio and music player does not require much power to use the camera, but if this feature is often used remains will consume more power.
3. Wi-Fi & Bluetooth.
WiFi browsing is more fun to use especially if you use a free hotspot could not sleep day and night. But the WiFi is also included features that wasteful batteries. Likewise with the Bluetooth feature on this one let me say just send or receive files, including large power-consuming as well. For it do not forget to turn it off after use.
4. GPS
GPS be the most extravagant feature power for GPS receivers use radio waves. Not to mention if the use of maps require Internet access via 3G or GPRS, which means enabling the two features at once.
5. In addition to some of the above there are also other features that make wasteful battery is a game,games also suck up battery power is very large.

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