DroidSheep WIFI Android Tools

DroidSheep is wifi android tools to monitor network traffic for online account access rights. Users who run DroidSheep wifi android tools can use the accounts of victims, gain access to sites that dont use SSL secure and encrypted connection / HTTPS.
The workings of DroidSheep WIFI Android Tools :
1. Android version 2.1 above (Root)
2. Wireless Network / Wifi (can be tried in the hotspot)
3. Connect you HH with wifi.
4. DroidSheep Install and run it, then start the scan
5. Once completed, the results will capture some of the URL
6. And select a list, select the open site, if successful, it means you're spoofing using a managed account in the hijack.
WARNING : " Before practice, I warn you, all you do is your responsibility and use it wisely as a medium of knowledge and learning only ".
DroidSheep WIFI Android Tools

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