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Unsign applications are applications that don't have a secure certificate from a phone vendors.Application can't be directly installed on the phone because it isn't safe.It means protecting mobile phones from damage or disruption firmware.Therefore needed a way for unsign applications can be installed in our phone.There are several steps that must be carried out ways to install unsign applications on symbian s60v3 and symbian s60v5.We often had difficulty installing the application unsign symbian s60 v3 or s60 symbian s60 v5.Here's how simple and easy for symbian application which unsign become sign.So that it can be installed in our beloved mobile phone.Before starting the tutorial you should read the certificate & key online opda.If you've read and understand you can follow the tutorial below:
*Step install sign via computer:
1.Download SignSIS.
2.Make SignSIS folder in c: \ program files \ into c: \ program files \ signSIS \
3.Click signtool it will appear:
    -SignSIS.exe: click the box to the right, open signsis.exe it will show C: \ Program Files \ SignSIS \ signsis.exe
    -Unsigned (sis): open the program that would in signed.
    -(cer): open the certificate that was created from OPDA.
    -(key): open the lock that was created from OPDA.
    -sign: give name of new applications will be created.
4.Click sign it: Finish.
5.Install applications that have been made ​​earlier on your symbian mobile phone
*Step install sign via mobile phone:
1.Dwonload FreeSigner.
2.Transfer files .cer and .key that you've downloaded to mobile phones for example: memory card.
3.Change it becomes dated 01-01-2009.
4.After successfully installed on my mobile phone:
Setting: -self-signed cert: find where the files. cer stored, if it is found click.
            -self-signed key: look for where the files. key is stored, if it is found click.
5.Change it as the beginning date
6.FreeSigner: add task: find the file you want to sign, if it is found click.
7.Go! : Done.
8.Install applications that have been made ​​earlier on your symbian mobile phone. 
Methods above have been successfully tested in Symbian s60 v3 mobile phone: nokia E63.The reason is because it is safe too easy to do, everyone can do it even beginners.Safe means not cause interference on mobile phones.If the above does not work then you have to hack the phone firmware of course with the risk of crashes, restarts until the total dead.

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