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After reading about Cause Battery Wasteful, now I will share some tips for extending battery life.The most simple to extend battery life is with a little care.According to some studies battery life lasts on average up to 500 times charge and discharge, while right? How do I extend working life battery?
If you do charging on every night, your battery life can last at least 12-15 months.If you can do charging twice a week, meaning your battery life can reach 2-3 years.Well a few simple ways you can do to battery to last.
1. Shorten Time Charging
The most effective way to do that is charging when the phone is in dead condition.But remember, do this if you're really not in a state waiting for an important call, or are using features that are very important.
2. Avoid mutually SIM
Every time you change the SIM, it means your phone must be turned off and turned in early will load phone system and do a search operator signal. This job requires a great power.
3. Turn off vibrator and backlight
If you are in a room that could certainly be menderngar phone ringing clearly, there's nothing wrong turn off  vibrator. Likewise with backlight, as much as may be set so as not active during day.
4. Avoid using unnecessary features
An increasingly diverse mobile features make use of  battery even more wasteful.For that, as much as possible not to use features that are not needed.For example, activate camera flash in daylight, or turn on Bluetooth when not in use.
5. Avoid cell phone from impact & splash water
One reason battery wasteful because of short circuit (shorted).This could be due to short circuit phone is often dropped or exposed to liquids. To reduce negative effects, you should use protection but make no mistake if too much liquid into your cell phone can cause death.
6. Make sure you are in GSM mode
3G phones generally have option of setting a GSM network, dual mode and 3G only. If you are not enjoying  3G facilities, it is advisable to use the GSM mode only. This setting is in "Network".

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