How to know antivirus symbian operating system

Viruses that often you come across in the phone is actually a computer virus, so when you plug in your cell phone to a computer, your antivirus detected a virus on your cell phone.That means your cell phone just as the carriers of the virus.What about the installation of antivirus software on Symbian phones? Effective?.Just to share information, to phones using the Symbian 3rd Edition,Symbian 5th Edition, and Symbian also ^ 3 Edition was safe from viruses. Because Nokia has tightened the security system the Symbian operating system that is usually used as a slit entry of the virus. Parties Nokia also has included antiviral integrated with the system, so we do not need anymore kwatir with virus problems.Have friends tried to install a virus infected file? Installation will fail and show File Not True.
You need to know about Antivirus Symbian operating system :
*Software or applications that will be installed must have a security certificate.Each application will be installed on your cell phone must ask permission (including viruses), even if the application can not be trusted, surely you must give permission before it can be installed(symbian sign aplications or symbian unsign)
*There's no way someone or something can transmit the virus to symbian phones without you know such as infra red, bluetooth, wifi.And if the application would access the system such as network, connectivity, sms etc you also must ask permission.
*Most viruses or malware are just concepts put forward by the antivirus makers would have you believe to buy antivirus (virus or malware that you hear does not really exist or circulating)
*It is impossible (if any) virus that makes smartphone useless.Although you accidentally install a virus into your cell, the malware can not possibly interfere with the operating system and applications in ROM, which means you can always remove it with a hard reset phone (press * # 7370 # or pressing the dial ,+,*,+, 3 when turning on your cell phone). 
From the explanation above I am not saying that a virus or malware does not exist, I want to say is that we do not have to worry or panic that Symbian operating systems are vulnerable to viruses or malware.

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