Simple Tweaks Blackberry

BlackBerry performance degradation is usually caused by a reduction in RAM memory. To increase performance again following simple tweaks blackberry :
1. Remove applications are rarely used
To remove applications from BlackBerry is never used : Settings> Options> aplications> Delete. Or press  menu key and select Delete when it is in the main menu. To remove default applications such as games or help, change the selection of a third party add-on.
2. Remove past appointments from the calendar
Remove automatic appointment: Calendar menu> Options> General Options> Keep Appointment of 15 days.
3. Delete messages that have long
Messages menu> Options> General Options> Keep Messages To Days to 15 days. Furthermore these features work automatically.
4. Remove blackberry sample video
Usually BlackBerry is included video sample for testing quality video player. This video can be removed directly from  media > delete sample video.
5. Clear Cache and Cookies from your browser
Browser menu> Options> Cache Operations. Delete Browser History, Content Cache, Pushed Content and Cookie Cache by pressing virtual button labeled Clear the screen.
6. Clean memory use of unnecessary
Settings> Options> Security Options> Advanced Security Options> Memory Cleaning> Clean Now. You can set the feature is run automatically by selecting "yes" on choice "clean when idle" and specify time interval in "idle timeout" select lowest.
7. Clear event log
Clear event log> Alt-LGLG. Press menu button and select Clear Log.

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