Anti-Virus Free apk for Android

AVG and DroidSecurity have partnered together to protect android from threats to your security, privacy and online identity by focusing specifically on the mobile environment.With free antivirus for Android you’ll receive effective, easy-to-use virus and malware protection, as well as a real-time scanner, backup assistant, phone locator, task killer, app locker and local device wipe.So Anti-virus Free protects android phone from viruses,malware & exploits in real-time.
For more features:
1.Protects apps android from viruses, malware and spyware : Scan apps, settings, files, and media in real time,Identifies unsecure device settings and advise how to fix them,Ensures emails, contacts, bookmarks and text messages are securely safe,checks media files for malicious software and security threats.
2.Backup (Beta version) : Back up contacts, call logs, bookmarks, text and media messages to your SD card.
3.Safe Web Surfing : Stay safe from phishing and malware while surfing the web.
4.Phone locator : Locate your lost or stolen phone and help you find it via Google maps,Turn your phone GPS on remotely and have the device send its location using GPS,Lock your phone remotely via our Mobile Control Panel or by sending SMS to your phone to protect your data,Set a lock screen message to help the locator find you,Make your device ring even if your phone is on silent mode.
5.Task killer : Kill tasks that slow down or freeze up your android device.
6.App locker : Lock apps to protect your privacy or lock your device setting to secure your device configuration.
7.Local wipe : Completely wipe contacts, text messages, photos, browser history, calendar and wipes the SD card.
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Best Android Antivirus said...

Avg Antivirus pro is awesome i downloaded it today i have over 20gigs worth of data in under 5 mins it done a full system scan man thats fast :)

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