WPScan Android Vulnerability WordPress Security Scanner Tool

WPScan is android vulnerability WordPress security scanner tool written in java which attempts to find known security weaknesses within WordPress installations. Its intended use it to be for security professionals or WordPress administrators to asses the security posture of their WordPress installations. So WPScan for Android is dedicated as a android penetration testing tool and security vulnerability scanner in the WordPress blogging platform, developed by Alessio Dalla Piazza.
WPScan android vulnerability WordPress security scanner tool features :
- Analysis of WordPress
- Identification of vulnerability (based on the version of WP)
- Enumeration of users
- Recognition of installed plugins (html + analiycs brute force)
- Recognition of the included themes (html + analytics brute force)
- Finding the TimThumb 0day.
[+] Rembember! This is a hacking tool for only test your blog if u have perrmission. And remember again! It is absolutely illegal a violation of federal law  to access any computer system in the United States or other without authorization. It’s considered fraud.
Download  WPScan android vulnerability WordPress security scanner tool

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