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We know Google+ created to compete with other social networking sites who are already familiar such as facebook and twitter.Google+ is a social networking project Google Inc. is still on probation.This means that only a few users who can access it at this time. Google+ can be visited addressed, and new users can immediately apply.Once Google+ fully prepared, Google will notify users.Even so you can enjoy the services of Google+ mobile app from your mobile device.Google+ mobile app will display in the view cell phones that are still simple.You can try Google+ mobile app for your mobile devices via the following address:
Google+ mobile app iPhone
Features Google+ Mobile App :
-Google+ Circle: to create a group, where the user can separate in groups of friends on his account, for example, there are working groups and play groups.
-Google+ Photos: to upload photos, including via mobile phones.
-Google+ Spark: for selecting the user's interests and offer stories, video, or photos that might be preferred by users.
-Google+ Stream: function like newsfeed on facebook.
-Google+ Hangouts: this feature the user can do video chat with one or many people at once.
-Google+ Huddle: allows the user to start a group chat via text message.
-Google+ integrating social services such as Google Profile & Google Buzz.

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