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EasyHits4U is one of the best traffic exchange sites today. EasyHits4U system designed to help promote your site by increasing number of visitors that actually view your site. In addition, EasyHits4U offers many advantages and extra features. You not only get traffic to your site, but you also get paid from EasyHits4U.EasyHits4U provide a fair exchange with 1:1 surf ratio, meaning that for every site you visit, you will receive one visitor back to see your site. After surfing as much as you do a certain amount, you will get a bonus in the form kreditpoin. These credits can be redeemed for banner impressions or website. None limitation clickthroughs free that ye can receive per day - could 10, 100 etc.There are easy ways to get a lot of free traffic EasyHits4U, follow the tutorial below:
➢The first step you must register in EasyHits4U.
Download free java emulator : Sjboy Emulator,install on your computer.
Download latest bolt browser,copy paste bolt jar to sjboy folder,run bolt jar.
➢Short Key Sjboy Emulator :F1,F2
➢Login EasyHits4U,Start surfing,click duplicate picture or instructions picture(little timer u must wait)via keyboard : upward narrow,down narrow,right narrow and left narrow.
If the process stopped while waiting for loading web page:Refresh Bolt browser,Menu,Enter Address,just ignore the link:Hits F2 (this problem is caused framebreaker).
2.Mobile Phone
Download latest bolt browser to your phones.
➢Bolt browser,login EasyHits4U,Start surfing.
 Please you try it and hopefully useful.

3 komentar:

Anonymous said...

how to connect internet in ejboy plzzzzzzzzzz help my email is arjunpoon60@yahoo.com

afreemobile said...

Sjboy connect automatically if you have an internet connection so no special settings.

Zero-69 said...

Its Work !! Thanks alot :D

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