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Python is a dynamic programming language that supports object oriented programming.Python can be used for various purposes of software development and can run on various operating system platforms. As with any dynamic programming language,Python is often used as a scripting language interpreter integrated with the operating system.Currently python code can run on systems based on:
*Linux/Unix Windows OS,Mac OS,OS X,Java Virtual Machine,OS/2,Amiga,Palm,Symbian (Nokia).
Especially for symbian phones a lot of interesting applications based programming python like Profundity Clean, IDesigner etc.So to be able to use it must be installed python program that suits your symbian phone.You can download python for symbian 3rd edition and symbian 5th edition below:
download python for symbian : Ultimate Python Pack
download python for symbian : New Python Pack

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Steffi said...

Hey, nice site you have here! Keep up the excellent work!

Symbian Developer

Anonymous said...

the links for Python are no longer available. can you help somehow please? i really need this program for being capable to do this : :) thanks.

Adnan Aadi said...

Direct download latest version python programming language download
Nice post :)

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[+] To successfully run the app on symbian phone, you should make sure the phone has been hacked.
[+] I have not had to reupload the download link for the most part that has been damaged due to my limited time. We are sorry for this inconvenience.
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