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Opera Mini is a web browser designed primarily for mobile phones, smartphones and personal digital assistants with support Java ME.Opera Mini browser tends to be used for the small screen, with an opening function to display standard web pages for example doesnt support widgets etc.So the size of web data that was opened by Opera Mini more ketch so it can speed up downloads and opera mini is more suitable for users with slow connections or a small quota of internet data.You should know that Opera Mini requests web pages through Opera Software's servers, which process and compress them before sending them to the mobile phone, speeding up transfer by two to three times and dramatically reducing the amount of data transferred, chargeable on many mobile phone data plans.The pre-processing increases compatibility with web pages not designed for mobile phones.Using the Opera browser to browse the Web with your mobile phone can save you money on your phone bills, by reducing your data usage substantially. The Opera Mini browser uses only a tenth of the bandwidth of other browsers,compressing webpages by up to 90%.Therefore opera mini most widely used as a mobile browser and become the most popular mobile browser.
For information:On March 2011, Opera Mini has surpassed 100 million users and 2 billion daily page views as the world's most used mobile browser. The significant increase on months due to 50 million users is achieved at February 2010 and 1 billion daily page views at July 2010.009–2010: As the world's most popular mobile browser, Opera Mini has already made a significant impact in the Indonesian mobile market. Indonesia steadily ranks second in overall Opera Mini usage by country surpassed only by Russia. Indonesians are using Opera Mini predominantly to access social-networking sites such as Facebook and Friendster from their mobile phones(source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opera_Mini).
Here are some advantages opera mini :
Opera Mini fetches all content through a proxy server that reformats web pages into a format more suitable for small screens.A page is compressed, then delivered to the phone in a markup language called OBML (Opera Binary Markup Language).This compression process makes transfer time about two to three times faster and the pre-processing also increases compatibility with web pages not designed for mobile phones.By default Opera Mini opens one connection to the proxy servers, which it keeps open and re-uses as required. This improves transfer speed and also enables the servers to quickly synchronize changes to bookmarks stored in Opera Link.The Opera Software company maintains over 100 proxy servers to handle Opera Mini traffic.
2.Small-Screen Rendering
For devices with screens 128 pixels wide or smaller, the default rendering mode is Small-Screen Rendering (SSR). In this mode, the page is reformatted into a single vertical column so that it need only be scrolled up and down.Long lists and navigation bars are automatically collapsed (hiding most of the list or bar) by a feature known as "content folding".A plus sign is displayed next to the collapsed content. When clicked, it toggles content folding on that list or bar.Web developers can turn on Small-Screen Rendering on the desktop edition of Opera to see how their web site will display on mobile editions of Opera.In Small-Screen Rendering mode, images are scaled down to no more than 70% of the screen size in either direction.
3.Complex scripts rendering
Opera Mini can send content in bitmap image form if a font required is not available on the device, which is useful for indic scripts. Hindi and a few other non-Latin character sets are supported.
4.JavaScript support
Opera Mini has limited support for JavaScript. Before the page is sent to the mobile device, its onLoad events are fired and all scripts are allowed a maximum of two seconds to execute. The setInterval and setTimeout functions are disabled, so scripts designed to wait a certain amount of time before executing will not execute at all.After the scripts have finished or the timeout is reached, all scripts are stopped and the page is compressed and sent to the mobile device. Once on the device, only a handful of events are allowed to trigger scripts:    
    onUnload: Fires when the user navigates away from a page.
    onSubmit: Fires when a form is submitted.
    onChange: Fires when the value of an input control is changed.
    onClick: Fires when an element is clicked.
When one of these events is triggered, Opera Mini sends a request to the proxy server to process the event. The proxy server then executes the JavaScript and returns the revised page to the mobile device.Pop-ups, if not blocked by the JavaScript restrictions, replace the web page being viewed.
Scrolling is achieved with the device's arrow keys, its number keys, or a stylus.Opera Mini may also be set to landscape mode, where it will rotate the page 90 degrees. This is useful for screens that are significantly taller than they are wide. However, this feature is not yet available on BlackBerrys and some other devices.The image quality may be set to "Low", "Medium", or "High".The higher the image quality, the more data is transferred and the longer it will take to load pages.Opera Mini supports only one font,which can be set to "Small", "Medium", "Large", or "Extra large" size.If a web page uses Courier or a generic monospaced font, the one font is still used, but the characters are spaced out so that each character takes up the same amount of space.
6.Browsing tools
Opera Mini features a search bar capable of using several pre-configured search engines,with the user being able to add additional search engines.Additionally, Opera Mini features shortcut keys,skins,and a web feed aggregator.It can save bookmarks,download files,and it remembers the user's browsing history.
7.Privacy and security
Advanced, the connection between the mobile device and the proxy server is always encrypted for privacy and security. The encryption key is obtained on the first start by requesting that the user press random keys a certain number of times.When visiting an encrypted web page, the Opera Software company's servers decrypt the page, then re-encrypt it themselves, breaking end-to-end security.
Right now Opera Mini has released the latest version of opera mini 6 with a variety of improvements including:
1.Fresh new look
Opera Mini 6 sports a new and improved design, including a new skin, and new zoom and jump buttons for easy touch-navigation.
Share links directly to major social network sites as you browse, directly from Opera Mini 6.
3.YouTube support
Click any Mobile YouTube video to launch it directly on your device's native media player (if available).
4.Improved zoom for touch screens
Pinch-to-zoom is now supported for multitouch devices. Regular touch devices now zoom with a double-tap, or with Opera's new zoom buttons.
5.Tailored to Tablets
We've designed a new user interface especially for tablet users.
6.Open Link in Background
Read your news uninterrupted and utilize the power of tabs by opening new links in the background.
7.Better Font Support
We've been working hard to improve the selection and rendering of Asian fonts, including Thai and Arabic.
You are interested to try it, under this latest mini opera download link:
Download wap : Opera mini .
Download web : Opera mini .

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