FaceNiff Android Hijack App

FaceNiff is an Android app that allows you to sniff and intercept web session profiles ( facebook, twitter etc ) over the WiFi that your mobile is connected to. It is possible to hijack sessions only when WiFi is not using EAP, but it should work over any private networks ( Open/WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK ). It's kind of like Firesheep for android. Maybe a bit easier to use ( and it works on WPA2 ).
FaceNiff Android Hijack App :
- ROOTED PHONE is required.
- If webuser uses SSL this application won't work.
- Limited to use only 3 hijacked profiles, if you want more, you can buy it from FaceNiff app : hit Menu and Unlock App.
** Legal notice: FaceNiff  is for educational purposes only. Do not try to use it if it's not legal in your country. I do not take any responsibility for anything you do using this application. Use at your own risk.
FaceNiff Android Hijack App

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[+] To successfully run the app on symbian phone, you should make sure the phone has been hacked.
[+] I have not had to reupload the download link for the most part that has been damaged due to my limited time. We are sorry for this inconvenience.
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